Ciabatta Artisan Bread Recipe

Ciabatta bread
Ciabatta bread bake

Ingredients and Checklist

30% Fermentation added to the main dough mixture.
Dough hydration level goal is 70% (1 kg Flour x 70% = 700 grams Water)

Ideal environment for Dough is 23-24℃ – Adjust water usage to balance for best results.

Bread is fully baked when temperature reads 98℃

Main Ingredients


300 grams for fermentation
700 Grams for main Dough mix
Total = 1kg Flour


300 grams for the Poolish
400 grams for Dough mix
Total = 700 g Water


1 tablespoons (tbsp) Salt (per 1kg of Flour, or to taste)


1/4 teaspoon (tsp) Yeast for the Poolish
1.5 teaspoons (tsp) Yeast for Dough mix
1 tablespoons (tbsp) Salt

The Day Before Baking (Preparing the Poolish)

The Poolish is a runny mix of 50% Flour, 50% Water and a pinch of Yeast.

Poolish Mixture (Pre-fermentation 12-18 hours before Dough mixing)

300 g Flour
300 g Water
1/4 teaspoon Yeast

Combine 300 grams Flour and 300 grams Water and mix together with Yeast. Leave the mixture covered to prevent drying out for 12-18 hours before mixing main dough batch.

The poolish should display bubbles on top and within the mix that looks like the foam of an old fashioned milkshake.

The Day Of Baking (Dough Mix)

Dough Mixture (All ingredients mixed together)

700 g Flour
400 g Water
1 tablespoon (tbsp) Salt
1 1/2 (1.5) teaspoon (tsp) Yeast

Combine the Poolish with the Dough ingredients and mix together.

Method To Get Spongy Holes (Crumb)

After mixing – Roughly 900 revolutions per batch

Let stand for 45 min.

Empty dough in oiled container for folding

1 – Stretch and Fold

(Wait 45 minutes)

2 – Stretch and Fold

(Wait 45 minutes)

3 – Stretch and Fold

Check oven heat at MAX (250℃ is ideal)

Cut loaves, shape and rest 15 min before baking.

Some Helpful Tips

When loading your bread loaves into the oven you may want to inject steam to keep the outer shell moist for best oven rise. I inject water for steam when inserting the loaves the first time and after 10 min of baking.

Bake bread on average 25-35 minutes until crusty brown to your liking or until cooked to 98℃ by testing with a spike thermometer.